when the signs of her vitiligo started appearing, her mother would tell her there was no reason to worry, or to be ashamed; her body was merely starting to show the stardust our bodies are made out of, turning her body into the milky way
idk playing around with the design for my upcoming black/desi girl with vitiligo, she wants to become an astronomer and is very passionate about astrology and stars and the vast galaxy
Summary of "Entanglement"
  • the pact: taimi no
  • taimi: TAIMI YES

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Summary of "Entanglement"
  • the pact: taimi no
  • taimi: TAIMI YES

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Birds of a Feather by jasinski

With their cast of Lolitas with murderous gazes, Natalie Shau’s digital artworks are more tart than they are sweet. The pieces for her upcoming show, “Hide and Seek” at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, are all about the details — the billowing couture fabrics that envelope her heroines and the quietly enchanted elements of their enlivened environments. Read more on our blog. 


Jin Areum by Lee Kyungjin for Dazed and Confused Korea July 2014

Makeover Madness, Vogue Italia, 2005 by Steven Meisel

Sailor Moon redesign by DmitryGrebenkov